SOAP Notes

Care plans and SOAP notes consume a tremendous amount of therapists' time. Therapy Care Plus makes documentation quick and easy. Get rid of those hand written paper logs, binders and notebooks. Never lose track of a treatment again. Therapists can view other's documentation (security permitting) facilitating clinic-wide collaboration

With Therapy Care Plus, you can spend your valuable time building your practice instead of managing appointment or documentation. Therapy Care Plus is the first web-based practice management software combined with self-service scheduling feature.

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Client Profiles

Tired of searching for patient phone numbers and soap notes etc. ?

All of your clients' intake data, insurance plans, and other pertinent data is stored and easy to retrieve in Therapy Care Plus!

Therapy Care Plus sends you a weekly email notification of upcoming clients’ birthday list so you won't miss to send a card out to your valuable cllients.

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Self-Service Scheduling

Therapy Care Plus represents a very exciting opportunity for CAM practitioners and their clients because the clients have the capability to book appointments at their discretion and convenience for 24/7. Moreover, Therapy Care Plus allows you to manage your personal life and your business in one easy place. When you add a personal item to your calendar (E.g., a dentist appointment or vacation time) that block of time will be automatically removed from the availability that is displayed to your clients. Therapy care plus integrates with your Google Calendar upon Therapy care plus gets any incoming appointments from your patients or you make an appointment through Therapy care plus.

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Web Based

Therapy Care Plus is a web based practice management software. It does not require you to purchase the license. With a fraction of your maintenance fee of licensed software, you get more than what licensed software can do for you. Web-based software can be run in a controlled environment, leaving them less prone to crashing, especially due to software or hardware conflicts. Also, everyone uses the same version, so there are no backwards compatibility issues. In addition, data is very secure, redundant, and automatically backed up.


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